Louise Futcher is a Registered Member of BACP who works with individuals in private practice in Dalston, Hackney, and undertook her training placement at ELOP, an award-winning LGBT charity in East London.

Louise Futcher

Louise has several years’ experience working with a variety of issues but specialising in issues around sexuality, non-monogamies, gender, kink/BDSM and living within oppressive structures. Her counselling is actively supporting and understanding of queer, non-heteronormative ways of living and being – she is passionate about challenging society's tendency of accepting difference only when it fits into a heteronormative model - and instead works towards acceptance of all forms of being and relationship. 

Louise works integratively, incorporating methods from different approaches in order to effectively tailor the counselling work for each individual client, but with a psychodynamic emphasis. This works by Louise facilitating the client to revisit and reinterpret past experiences in order to identify significant events and the formation of attitudes, reactions and behaviours. People may have specific issues they would like to work on such as negotiating non-monogamy within a currently monogamous relationship, getting support around leaving an unhealthy relationship, getting support around starting to explore the kinky side of their sexuality, experiencing jealousy in a non-monogamous relationship, issues around chemsex and sober sex, or living a more authentic life. 

Equality, diversity and inclusion are at the heart of Louise’s practice. She passionately believes that therapy should be accessible to all, regardless of class, income, race, sexuality, gender expression, relationship type, health and disability, employment status, or mental health status, and she understands how people with such differences might be affected by prejudice and discrimination. Louise’s Counselling Certificate had a Transcultural approach, which enabled her to examine the cultural and historical influences on her development, to examine her responses to diversity and oppressions, and to recognise the implications of these. She has undertaken training on working with LGBTQ+ clients including trans* clients, on issues around chemsex, and on HIV/AIDS awareness, and has attended academic conferences on gender and sexuality, as well as drawing on her personal experiences as a queer woman, and her relationships with other LGBTQ+ people. 

Please see Louise’s website www.louisefutchertherapy.co.uk for further information on how she works, her fees and her availability, and to contact her.