Henry Strick van Linschoten is a UKCP registered psychotherapist who works in private practice in Hendon (NW London), and on Skype / VoIP

Henry Strick

Gender, Sexual and Relationship Diversity

Henry has personal experience, knowledge, expertise and therapy experience in LGBTQIA+, kink/BDSM, polyamory / open relationships / non-monogamy, and other variations in gender, sexuality or relationships. A lot of the time this will only be a context for working with other issues, but given the lack of understanding and the oppression, legal and otherwise, any diversity or uniqueness will often come up in the form of problems encountered in society, work or relationships that also need attention. It can be really helpful to work with a therapist who is knowledgeable about gender, sexual and relationship diversities, and positive about anything that is fully and affirmatively consensual.

General Psychotherapy Expertise and Focus

Henry’s special areas of expertise are working with relationships; anxiety, stress, trauma and dissociation; and somatic symptoms and the body-mind interface. He has considerable forensic experience and is deeply non-judgemental about “criminal” records, “offences” and accusations. Henry considers that sex work is work. Sex workers are most welcome.

Way of Working

Henry combines relational, psychoanalytic, humanistic-existential, CBT, body-therapy and attachment-theory-based approaches in his work. He is flexible about frequency, and ways of handling people in relationships (individual or people together). Henry is actively involved in research about psychotherapy and the evidence for its effectiveness. He encourages you to indicate if you prefer a more gentle and exploratory or more “activist” therapy process.

Other Background

Henry has been an international businessman in his previous career and has lived in six different countries, with a long time in the Middle East. He has special expertise in working with people with different cultural, national and spiritual or religious backgrounds. He can also work in Dutch and in German.

Contact Henry

Contact Henry at henry.strick@protonmail.ch (only secure if from another ProtonMail address), or message using wire or Signal (both secure). Henry's telephone number is +44 (0) 779 556 2277 (not secure). During the first meeting we will talk about fees, and about secure communication and privacy.