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I am a London-based Psychosynthesis counsellor, therapist, writer and trainer

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I run a small private practice, seeing private clients in London Bridge and Wimbledon, and provide training, education, presentations and workshops around Leathersex, gender, sexual and relational diversity issues and Transpersonal (spiritual) psychology. I am NCS Registered, have Advanced Accredited Gender, Sexual and Relational Diversities Therapist status with Pink Therapy and am a member of their Kink Aware Therapists group.

Until the end of 2017 I was an honorary counsellor at the Albany Trust, one of the few specialist counselling and psychotherapy services based in South London that provides high quality, professional support around gender, sexuality and relationship issues.

Although I provide private counselling and psychotherapy around a wide range of issues that many people usually seek out therapy and counselling for, my specialist areas are in the LGB and T* communities, BDSM, Gay Leathersex, masculinity and male (homo)sexuality linked to adolescent maturation into adulthood, intergenerational mentorship and the significance of ‘elders’ contribution in the community, alternative lifestyle relationships and how sexuality and the transpersonal (spirituality) are intertwined.

I believe all people deserve to meet with a therapist/counsellor who understands their identity issues and sexual practices without unnecessarily making that a focus of treatment.

I can be contacted for either private counselling or specific training/workshop/speaking opportunities, through my website at or directly by email at