Meg-John Barker works with clients one-to-one or in pairs or larger groups. They are a trained therapist with many years experience, but they now offer a more peer-to-peer form of consulting with people who connect with their writing.


Meg-John practises as consulting relationship geek with individuals – and pairs or small groups – who want to look at their relationships with themselves, with other people, with their work, and/or with the wider world. They particularly work with writers and other creatives; therapists and other practitioners; and GSRD or LGBTQ+ activists, academics, and organisers.

These are the kinds of issues that Meg-John works with in this way:

  • Building self-care practices into your everyday life

  • Figuring out your relationship style/structure (in relation to romantic, friendship, and/or other types of relationships)

  • Exploring your relationship to work and dealing with its emotional challenges

  • Specific input on your work around gender, sexuality and relationship diversity or other areas of expertise that I have

  • Reflecting on how you negotiate consent and boundaries in your professional/personal relationships

  • Negotiating with a partner, friend, or colleague over these kinds of issues (in joint sessions)

  • Relating to the wider world in relation to social justice, activism, or resisting critical cultural messages

  • Smaller group workshops working through my self-help materials

Talks, Workshops and Training

Meg-John also offers talks, workshops, and training on their areas of expertise. Details can be found here.

Contact Meg-John

You can contact Meg-John on You can read more about them, their self-help books and resources, and the other services they offer, on their website.