The London GSRD Practice is a group of therapists, researchers, sex educators, writers and activists working to promote good quality information about gender, sexual and relationship diversity.

Challenging myths and preventing panics

We’re committed to challenging the myths that circulate around every aspect of sex, gender and relationship diversity, and to preventing the panics that these myths can create, using information which is well-grounded in research, theory and good practice. Please see our training page for what we can offer you and your organisation.

Detailed information resource

You can find detailed information here on: communicating about sex, common problems, sex tips, basic anatomy, and porn. There is also detailed advice on how to find a professional, if you need to get help.

Our mission:

  • To engage, using compassionate criticism, with any sex advice, media reports, policies or practices which are problematic or unhelpful.
  • To encourage good practice in the area of sex advice and media reporting as well as in sex education, sexual health, and sex therapy.
  • To provide reassuring, balanced and accessible sex information and education.

Contacting members of the London Gender, Sexual and Relationship Diversity Practice

Please note: If you have a media enquiry, Meg-John Barker has written a comprehensive guide to their policy on media enquiries. The boundaries expressed in this guide generally apply to all of us (with some individual differences). Please read this guide first before making contact with any of us.