Are you having the sort of sex and relationships that you really want to be having? No? Clare Staunton works with clients to help them do just that.


Warm and approachable niche practitioner

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, you can see me on your own or with your partner(s). Clients have told me after working with me that they spend more time with a partner, are more confident in dating or sexual activity, have more sober sex, and are able to have a more satisfying sex life. More specifically this may be focused on pleasure, orgasm, ejaculation, erections, desire or being more 'present' and 'connected' during sex or relationships. Very often clients leave with a more diverse sexual repertoire and very different understanding of what sex and intimacy can be for them and how to communicate that to partners.

Within this niche I have worked with clients who have attended boarding school, clients who have been living with a cancer diagnosis, people who have experienced sexual abuse, who have never had sex or find it difficult to maintain loving intimate connections. I have had specific training on psychosexual, attachment, couple dynamics & what might underpin them, trauma and, of course, sexual diversity - specifically kink and consensual non monogamy, as well as the areas mentioned above.

Tailoring the work to your needs 

I am quite interactive in style, but will work at your speed and tailor the work to you. I aim to create a warm environment were you can explore your thoughts safely and when you’re ready to, to make changes.

Contact Clare

I realise it can be tough to even get in touch with someone to talk about this subject – so I’m happy to have a 10 minute telephone chat before booking a session. Please email or text to book in a suitable time for this. Or just give me a call directly (from an unblocked number). Looking forward to hearing from you. 

Please see my website for more details about my fees and where I work.

sexualhealinguk [at] hotmail [dot] com / 07903 681 853