Henry Strick joins LSRT

Henry Strick

Henry works mainly in North-West London. I asked him about joining LSRT, and he said: “I’m really excited about the opportunity to contribute to this group. I feel very committed to all people who have to deal with inappropriate and negative responses to their identities, lifestyles and choices in the areas of Gender, Sexual and Relationship Diversities. Especially the experience of finding that, whatever kinds of relationship(s) you are involved in, you can find a psychotherapist who takes your situation as given, and is available to talk about your priorities, is a thing that should not be radical, but in practice so often still is.”

As a general psychotherapist Henry specialises in anxiety, trauma, somatic symptoms, and cultural issues. He is completely open to working with people with a so-called “criminal” background, and with sex workers.

Go here to find out more about Henry’s work, or to his own website .

A very warm welcome to Henry!

Louise Futcher joins LSRT

LSRT welcomes a new member

Louise Futcher

In her own words, Louise's work as a therapist '...is actively supporting and understanding of queer, non-heteronormative ways of living and being – she is passionate about challenging society's tendency of accepting difference only when it fits into a heteronormative model - and instead works towards acceptance of all forms of being and relationship.' 

Find out more about how she works here.

A very warm welcome to Lou!