New sex therapy is in the air

Anyone interested in modern sexuality and relationship issues could do worse than reading this article in Salon about new developments in sex therapy in the USA. We at London Sex and Relationships Therapy, like these “new sex therapists”, are not united by a textbook, a guru or a clearly-delineated “school”. We are probably just as diverse as that group of American new therapists.

The New York Times recently wrote about broadly the same group of people. They called the new therapists “Renegades of couples therapy”, and somewhat strangely designated Esther Perel (see her TED talk and her earlier book) as their “den mother”.

It is good to see other therapists working in innovative ways, believing like us that consensual sex need not and should not be pathologised, and that flexibility and agreed creativity in relationships, just as in psychotherapy, can only benefit people and their relationships…